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Our Company

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, ASK Scientific operates from a city home to one of the most renowned universities in the world. Our Cambridge location gives us distinct advantages: we are in a hot-bed of research activity, have access to some of the most brilliant minds in the world and are part of an amazing innovation ecosystem. The ASK Scientific team consists of Post-Doctoral and PhD scientists from Cambridge University. We have substantial experience in research, writing peer reviewed publications and other forms of written science communications, effectively. We are a scientifically enthusiastic group that likes to read, write and breathe science!

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Our Mission

A large proportion of good science globally is not suitably recognised. The main reason for this is ineffective communication. Research findings articulated effectively enhances their impact and popularises them across the research community. ASK Scientific’s mission is to help researchers globally, improve the written quality of their manuscripts and increase the impact of their findings. By doing this, research from even smaller universities and research institutes, that might usually go unnoticed, will influence the global innovation process. To fulfill this mission and ensure we cover the world, including smaller countries with relatively low R&D budgets, we launched the Global Research Communication Initiative (GRCITM). The GRCITM offers low cost editing services to researchers from low- and middle-income countries. This is our way of promoting research and helping scientists communicate their findings to the world!

ASK Scientific is here to serve science by helping you transform your research into a compelling written format. Thank you for visiting our website. Get in touch with us! We would like to hear from you!


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About us

ASK Scientific is a Cambridge-based company consisting of PhD, post-doctoral researchers, from Cambridge University. We help clients across the world improve the quality of their English research papers. We offer technical translation from 11 languages to English to help non-native English speakers who prefer to write in their own language. Discover our range of publication services, and let us 'Help You Communicate Your research'!