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Interview with Dr Giles Yeo

ASK Scientific recently interviewed Dr Giles Yeo, Director of Genomics, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Cambridge. Dr Yeo’s research group studies the molecular mechanisms underlying the central control of food intake and body-weightHis group is part of one of the world’s foremost institutes studying metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes and related diseases). In addition to undertaking cutting edge research, Dr Yeo is very active in science communication and helps propagate research to the masses. He is regularly interviewed by the media and was recently part of a three episode Horizon special on the BBC.

Dr Giles Yeo speaks about research funding, publishing and the importance of science communication for researchers.


Questions include:

  1. Background of his research
  2. Key areas of research in obesity
  3. Does the field receive a high amount of industry funding?
  4. How does industrial funding impact publishing?
  5. Is there a rising trend to publish in open access journals?
  6. Tips for young researchers to succeed
  7. Publishing challenges during his career
  8. How does one increase a manuscript’s chances of journal acceptance?
  9. Why is science communication importance?
  10. What should researchers do to make their discoveries known to lay people?
  11. Does being media savvy influence your chances of publishing?
  12. What is the future of science communication?

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