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Mapping Ebola Virus Disease Spread in 2014 Outbreak

The current Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Outbreak is the worst outbreak of the disease. The first reported case in December 2013 was of a 2 year old boy in the village of Meliandou, Guinea in West Africa. The virus has since spread across other countries in West Africa, claiming thousands of lives. Over the second half of 2014 countries outside West Africa have also reported cases of the disease. The map below tracks first reported cases of EVD in countries globally.

  1. A= Guinea→December 2013: First case of virus infecting a 2 year old boy in Guinea in the current epidemic. The boy dies on 6th December. Following this his mother, sister and grandmother also fall ill and die.
  2. B=Liberia→March 2014: First confirmed case of EVD in Liberia on 31st March
  3. C=Sierra Leone→May 2014: WHO reports first case on May 26th
  4. D=Monrovia, Liberia→June 2014: EVD reaches Liberian capital Monrovia
  5. E=Lagos→July 2014: Nigeria reports its first death from the disease in its capital Lagos.
  6. F=Equator, Democratic Republic of Congo→August 2014: DRC announces an outbreak in Equator.
  7. G=Senegal→August 2014: Senegal confirms its first case on the 29th of August
  8. H=Dallas, Tx, USA→August 2014: First case reported in Dallas on 30the September.
  9. I=Madrid, Spain→October 2014: A nurse treating an EVD patient in Madrid is infected. First case of transmission reported in Europe
  10. J=Dallas, Tx, USA→October 2014: 2 nurses treating an EVD patient contract the disease.
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