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We can write an effective cover letter to the journal editor

  • A cover letter is one of the most important documents you must submit along with your research manuscript. Most journals receive hundreds of manuscripts a month, which means a journal’s editor only has limited time to decide whether a manuscript meets the requirements of their journal, and suits its readership. This generally means that they rely on two bodies of text to help them shortlist manuscripts for detailed scrutiny: the cover letter and the abstract. Thus, writing an effective cover letter is absolutely essential to ensure that your manuscript is accepted for peer review.
  • An effective cover letter must highlight your key findings and capture the editor’s attention. It must effectively convey the importance of your research and its contributions to the field and the journal’s readership. It must provide reasons for the editor to read the abstract, scrutinise the paper and forward your manuscript to peer reviewers.
  • ASK Scientific can help you write an effective cover letter that increases the chances of your manuscript to be accepted for peer review. Our subject experts understand your research, pull out the most important findings and effectively convey the right information. Some journals require specific information to be part of this document, for example, declarations about authorship. We ensure that such requirements are met within the cover letter.
  • ASK Scientific has helped hundreds of researchers from across the world submit their manuscripts to major international publishers. We have not only helped researchers improve the quality of their papers, but have also ensured that journal requirements are met. Most of our clients have been with us for over two years, which speaks volumes about our editing and writing services, customer service quality and dedication.


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