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Get constructive input on your manuscript’s content with our Premium Editing Service

  • Mock Peer Review

  • Grammar Check

  • Technical Terminology Check

  • Sentence Structure

  • Punctuation

  • Flow

  •  Journal Requirements

  • Ensuring your message is conveyed

  • Journal Formatting

Premium Editing includes a Mock Peer Review

  •  Your experimental results, discussion and conclusions are fundamental to the success of the peer review. Get a second opinion and critical comments on these important aspects using our Premium Editing Service.
  •  In this service, an expert from your field of research provides constructive input on experimental design, discussion, conclusions and hypotheses sections of your manuscript. These comments can substantially improve the quality of your paper, and increases its chances of being accepted by the editor and undergoing a peer review.
  •  Following the Premium Editing Service, you will receive a report, from us, containing suggestions for improvement. Once you have made changes, and if these are substantial, we will happily edit the updated version for you before you submit it to the journal.
  • Our goal is to significantly increase your chances of peer review and acceptance!

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“What you wrote in the editorial comments you sent me a couple of days ago to help me develop my intro was really excellent. You really helped turn this very rough draft into a really nice text….Your suggestion about the flow, content, syntax etc was absolutely crucial! Obviously the fact that you are an expert of the field was also really great for me…. I am really happy and grateful for your help and support.”
Marie-Laure Baudet, University of Trento, Italy
“Thanks for your rapid services…your editing/corrections perfectly correspond to my expectations… especially the shortening of the text. This will surely be very useful…Thanks for this nice and useful job”
Jean-René Martin, CNRS, France
Thank you a lot for your service. The corrected manuscript is now more fluent and I hope will be soon accepted for the publication.
Katarzyna Pietrzak, Technical University of Lodz

Our Editing Process

Peer Review

Critiquing Content 

  • Mock peer review by a researcher from your field

Editor 1

Language and Style

  • Sentence construction
  • Syntax
  • Grammar
  • Spellings
  • Punctuation
  • Technical terminology usage
  • Flow
  • Technical requirements of the journal

Editor 2

Formatting and Proofreading

  • Proofreading
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting tables
  • Formatting Bibliography
  • Formatting supplementary material

Editor 3

Quality Control Edit

  • Quality control by a senior editor ensures the quality of the edited version meets our high standards

Papers submitted to:

Elsevier  Cambridge University Press  PNAS  Nature  Science

and many more…


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