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Low-Cost Manuscript Editing

ASK Scientific’s endeavour is to help researchers from across the world communicate their discoveries to a global audience. However, we realise that a number of researchers from low- and medium-income countries have funding restrictions that might prevent them from using language editing services. Hence, we recently launched the ASK Global Research Communication Initiative (GRCITM).

Language editing services we provide have improved the written quality of a large number of manuscripts, which in turn increase the chance of acceptance during a journal’s peer review process. Our services have helped researchers in countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East publish in international peer reviewed journals. The GRCITM extends this service to researchers in 67 middle-income countries and 68 low-income countries. However to assist researchers, the majority who are likely to have funding constraints, GRCITM offers this service at a highly subsidised rate (30 or 50% discount depending on country). We categorised countries into the above discounted groups using GNI data from the World BankBattelle’s Global R&D funding forecast and our own research.

We hope this initiative helps researchers from these countries promote their findings to a global audience. This is our contribution, albeit a drop in the ocean, to the global innovation process!

Visit the GRCITM page to check if you qualify.

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