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ASK Scientific’s new Technical Translator Tool

We created ASK Translator to help non-native English-speaking researchers with technical translation of words and combined it with the ability to check their meanings.

ASK Scientific helps researchers from around the world publish their findings in leading peer reviewed journals. A number of our clients are from countries where the primary language of research communication is not English. We find that such researchers sometimes use uncommon or even incorrect technical words while writing up their results. So a tool that (1) translates a technical word from a researcher’s native tongue into English; (2) gives the meaning of the translated word, would be useful.

We created ASK Translator, which can translate from 15 languages and dialects to English.

These languages were selected as they are the ones we currently translate, and will give us an opportunity to regularly update our database with technical terms and meanings, over time.

How to use

  1. Visit our website at: https://www.askscientific.com/translator/
  2. Select your language, type the word you want to translate and click translate. ASK Translator will give you the translated word as well as its meaning, if we have it in our database.

ASK Translator mainly returns technical meanings of words, so if the translated word is also a common English word, don’t be surprised if you see the medical meaning for it! For instance, the French word ‘ligne’, will be translated as ‘line’, but you will also get technical meanings such as the meaning of ‘cell line’!

ASK Translator is in beta testing, so if you find any bugs please email contact@askscientific.com

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